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Zee Pad - Dog Pee Pad



The best pee pad, that doesn’t look like a pee pad.

The top Japanese Bamboo layer helps eliminate odours and hide urine stains. With 6 layers designed to absorb urine in seconds, this pee pad guarantees absorption like no other pad in the market. Each corner has an adhesive strip that helps keep the pee pad in place. Lift the Zee.Pad up to see any abnormalities in the urine on the bottom white layer. 


  • The Zee.Pad is made from Japanese bamboo charcoal which gives it the grey colour. This material helps neutralise odours and urine stains effectively.
  • This ultra absorbing pee pad is built with 6-layers of protection including an anti-leak barrier base.
  • Contains natural canine attractant.
  • The 4 adhesive corners help keep the pad secured to the floor.
  • Urine stains are not visible on absorbent side but the colour of urine can be seen underneath, when lifted off floor so you can contact your vet if there are any color variations.
  • Each pack contains 30 pee pads.


  • 60cm x 80cm