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Poop Bag Dispenser - Transparent



Meet Zee.Dog's super practical poop bag dispenser. Easy to pull out poop bags one-by-one through side opening, it holds one standard roll of poop bags (and you can shop our bags too). The dispenser has a rope that attaches to your leash, so it doesn't bounce around while you're walking your dog.


  • The dispenser's rope clasp fits nicely with any leash.
  • Our custom-designed clip on the back holds the dispenser in place for a sway-free walk.
  • Fits our Zee.Dog Poop bag roll of 15 bags perfectly.
  • Super sturdy, made from high quality materials.
  • Our amazing looking dispenser has a screw-on cap so you can easily refill and go.
  • Comes with one roll of plant based bags. 


  • Height 3.81 in
  • Width 1.65 in